I went to Pai for one night with some friends from the course. It’s a small town located 3 hours drive from Chiang Mai.

We went out in the evening. The bar had two huge fires burning in tge middle, reagge music blasting from tge speakers and lots of hippies hanging around. Really cool place.

it was there, where I met the German. We hit it off straight away. There was no flirting, just a nice conversation. We talked about random hook ups, travelling and bad life experiences. At that point I found out that his girlfriend had died 3 years ago.

It was first guy I met during my travel, who I talked to so easily and without any agenda.

He was going to come to Chiang Mai in 2 days and we agreed to meet. He said I was a great person and he would love to see me again. Unfortunetly, his mobile had been broken and my phone was dead, so I took his name and email and saved it on my friend’s phone. This morning it turned out that the note was gone. Somehow I didn’t save it. I am gutted. I not only want to see him again, but also feel bad as he would think that another girl stood him up.

Thais say ‘man pen rai’ which means ‘don’t worry’ and it is used in different kinds of situations. Well, the German and I weren’t meant to be-‘mai pen rai’. He will be another person I will remember with a warm feeling in my heart.