I met an American girl at my course. I will use her real name as I don’t think she will ever come across this blog. Her name is Marion and she is one of the most hilarious people I know. 

She has a very slow and kind of sexy way of speaking. She is also very intelligent and witty, and always amazes me how fast she picks on things. 

She might not be the most attractive visually, but she has a great personality, and is very confident with who she is. 

Marion is not afraid to speak her mind and make fun of herself. She is also 7 years younger than me, but that actually doesn’t disturb me at all since she makes me laugh every 5 minutes or so. 

We sit in a back row of the classroom and tend to distract each other constantly. We go everywhere together. We do lunches, dinners, drinks and yoga. 

Marion is also the person who convinced me to go back to the online dating. So, I signed up to OK Cupid. I haven’t had any dates yet though. Mostly because I can’t be bothered. Yesterday I had an email from a very handsome guy, who lives away from Chiang Mai and was in the city for one night. Normally, I would have gone running, but I declined his invite for a drink. I just can’t make the effort.

I have had a few more messages from some good looking ones and I might (just might) go on a date. 

The funny thing is that Chiang Mai is pretty small and has even smaller community of expats, so there are around 10-12 men on OK Cupid from the town and surrounding area. Marion has gone on dates with a few of them and I received an email from them as well. Looks like we’re going to be dating the same people. 

Today I received a message from a French guy, who also had emailed Marion before. He actually was decent enough to ask me if I know her. 

She also went to a Couchsurfing event yesterday and met 2 guys who she had gone on dates with. Those guys messaged her after, asking for another date, while messaging me at the same time. They were also with some other girls at the event Marion went to. 

I heard from a girl I met on Couchsurfing that expats tend to date the same people among themselves and when you are here long enough, you can pick up some really saucy gossip. 

This is going to be interesting, I’m telling you that!