Buddhists believe in a karma – which means that if you do something good it will come back to you. This philosophy not only encourages people to be compassionate towards others, but also live happily. It says that if you project a good, positive energy it will come back to you with the same force.

For the last week or so I have been feeling great. Every day I get up with a big smile on my face, I walk to school, learn a lot, hang out with my school mates. I’m loving my life at the moment.

The Turkish guy is gone now and I haven’t looked back. When he was leaving I didn’t feel any sadness or regret. I just let it go. Those, who follow my blog, probably understand how difficult this was for me. Normally I would analyse, stare at my mobile, waiting for him to text me. It might be the fact that I’m so busy here and every day is full with activities, but I still think that I might have learned something.

And going back to projecting energy – two days ago, at the same time, I received messages from almost all the men I met on my way. I kid you not! It was so strange! The biggest surprise was the Ozzie guy, who I met in Bali. He found me on Facebook and messaged me. We’ve been chatting ever since every day.

So, my friends – life is good at the moment. Let’s hope the feeling lasts!