Haha leash..yeah…who was I kidding!?

We went out last night with the Turk’s mate and some American girl they had met.

The Turkish guy and the American had a thing for each other. I could feel it. Dirty slut she probably would have hit on him if I hadn’t been there.

Anyway, we drunk some buckets and the Turkish guy and I made out-like there was no tomorrow!

I told him I really wanted to sleep with him but I become clingy and needy after sex. He told me he can’t promise me anything more than being with me until the end of the trip. Fair enough.

Of course I hadn’t shaved my legs before so I had to make up an excuse to go to the hostel for 10 min. There’s nothing like shaving your legs after a few drinks. I’m telling you!

sex was good. No weird stuff. He got up this morning and went back t his hostel. I feel ok about the whole thing. I’m trying not to overanalyze. However, for some reason I feel like I want to be nasty to him and besides I don’t want to see him anymore…no idea why. I don’t have a choice as we arrange to go to the New Year party together. So, let’s see what happens.