In my previous post I mentioned a guy from Couchsurfing.

He actually emailed me first, knowing we were going to be in Bangkok at the same time. We became friends and set up a plan to travel together up north. We messaged each other from time to time with updates on how our trips were going.

I met him 2 days ago. He’s from Turkey but lives in Holland. Tall, dark-ish, with a slight beard. Yum!

The first evening we went out together. Had a few drinks with other people. I didn’t think he was interested but he kissed me on my lips pretty passionately before saying good bye.

I thought this one was more than casual thing and decided to take it slower. Yes, I know we will eventually go our separate ways, but I want more than just fuck someone. I want passion and some feeling there.

he shattered my dream by emailing me in the evening and saying that he wanted me and I made him horny. WTF??? I hadn’t had a chance to speak to the guy properly and he was already so forward?? I know that there is no time for walking in the rain and holding hands but have some respect!

I emailed him saying I didn’t like it and to stop being another travelling asshole. He got all offended and said he didn’t understand And he thought he was nice to me.

we went for a trip today outside of Bangkok. The whole time he was touching my hands and kissed me. We had some photos done which he posted on facebook.

We are now going to take a boat along the river here.

he seems like a nice boy and I feel the fireworks when I’m with him, but don’t want to ruin my chances on having something special by sleeping with him too soon. I’m trying hold my urges on a leash.