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I know I haven’t given you much details on how the trip is going. Mostly because I maintain that on my travel blog and this one is only for men/divorce related issues.

But I thought I would give you an update.

Australia and Thailand at the beginning of this trip were pretty bad when it came to my mental state. I felt terrible, lonely,awkward and out of place. I did feel this way in Bali, too. However, Bali is a magical place and it’s got this spiritual atmosphere about it. Of course, it depends what you’re looking for. If you after partying and drinking it is also a place for you. I did that, too. I went out and had fun BUT for some reason almost all of the people I met where into spiritual things, they had a wonderful energy about them and made me think about things like God and meditation. Maybe I met them because I was looking for some guidance. 

I really don’t want to sound like a religious freak, but I have a great urge to pray. I used to be really religious when I was younger. I went to church every Sunday. Then I lost it. I always believed in God, but the priests and all the fucking Church stuff made me, and still makes me, pull away from it.

During this trip I understood that you really don’t need to surrender yourself to some religious organisations. You can freely pray wherever and however you want.

I’m beginning to feel like I’m going somewhere with this. It might be only temporary, but I really do feel quite good. I feel positive, I feel like my heart is opening to the others and to the world. I am grateful for every day that has been given me. 

I meditate almost every day. When I catch myself on overthinking about the future or the past, I stop myself, take a deep breath and bring my mind to the present. It’s a great exercise!

OK, enough of this boring stuff. Yesterday I went to Kao San Road. It’s a fucking circus. Have you been there? 

Anyway, all of the guys there were invading my personal space. Fucking hate when someone doesn’t even try to make a conversation, and approaches you from behind, trying to swing his hips into your bum. UGH! At the end of the party I met a nice Essex boy. He gave me his email address and said that he wanted to meet me today for a drink. I emailed him. Let’s wait and see if he replies. If not, I’m still meeting a guy from Couchsurfing, who looks really cute, and my Lovely Friend’s friend, who I hope is good looking 🙂