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I met the German Surfer 5 min after I had got off that taxi and said good bye to the Oz guy. 

I can see if a guy likes me straight away – it’s the slight raise of his eyebrows and a smile, it’s the way they shake my hand and say hello.

The German Surfer was a friend of some friends I met in Bali. We all had dinner together and drinks. He sat next to me and chatted the whole night. He then asked for my number and said he would like to meet me the next day. He walked me home. 

I liked the fact that he didn’t try anything with me and seemed to be enjoying my company and the conversation.

The next day he called and we set a time for dinner and drinks. I thought we were meeting others there as well, but for the first hour we were alone. 

Our friends joined us for a Christmas dinner, but left soon after. The German Surfer and I stayed and went to dance some salsa. (BTW – there’s nothing like seeing Balinese boys dressed as Che Guevara).

He walked me home and kissed me passionately outside of my hostel. 

The only thing was that I didn’t feel much for him. I would love to have him as a friend, but nothing more. He was a good kisser tho.

I left Bali for Thailand yesterday. The poor guy keeps texting me that he misses me. It’s so ironic. I actually wrote him what the Kid had written once: ‘Don’t waste your time on missing me. It is not worth it’.