Remember, in my last post I said that Ozzie number 1 and I fooled around in my room. Well, he stayed for the night. My boat back to Bali was at 10:00 and he carried my 16 litre backpack through the whole town to the harbour. He waited with me for the boat. 

He said he and his mates were going back to Bali the following day and if he could see me. I agreed. 

The guy was nice. He was polite, cute and funny (and funny is what I like in men). 

After 2 days he came over. He was tired,had a fever and some stomach crumps. But he still travelled 2 hours just to see me before his flight back to Australia. Bless him! 

I spent the day with him. We had a lunch, walked around, went to Monkey Forrest, did some shopping. 

He held my hand etc, which was nice. I felt a little bad cause he was a nice guy and he really made an effort there, but I didn’t actually feel much for him. That holding hands thing – it was like he was invading my personal space. 

But I still fancied him in a sexual way. 

Yes, we did have sex. Well…we shagged half day. It wasn’t romantic, gentle kind of sex, it was just shagging. He actually had a VERY good equipment to do it with, if you get my drift. 

The whole thing became a bit strange after he asked me to get down on him. I don’t mind it and like doing it, but I really do need to feel some kind of connection with the guy. It’s pretty personal to me. I just can’t do it with any guy I meet. 

Oh I could feel his disappointment. 

We took a taxi together. I was going to a Christmas Eve dinner, he was going to the airport. I kissed him in the cheek and asked to text me sometime. I haven’t heard from him since then. Good bye Mr Ozzie Number 1.

I’ve been thinking and researching stuff about sex during travelling. I am not a person who will hold back and not do it until the prince comes along – that’s much I’ve learned about myself. I will have lots of love affairs and lots of partners. I’ve learned also that it’s ok to do it, if you enjoy it. 

I always practise safe sex – ALWAYS. However, when I travel I am paranoid that the condom will break. I think of it all the time. I can’t fully let go and enjoy my partner because of that. It’s easy in Europe, where you can go to the pharmacy and get the morning after pill. You can get tests done, too. Here, you can also get the pill, but how can you know that it’s the real deal. Everyone knows that in Asia they put lots of shit in their medications and sometimes it’s something completely different. I can get the tests done, but that will set me back like $200.

So what do I do?

And don’t tell me not to have sex – that’s not an option. I was with one guy for 10 years and he was my 2nd sexual partner. I want to explore for now and enjoy my single woman status.