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Oh Bali, Bali, Bali….I’m in love with the place. It’s an absolute bliss.

While on one of the islands near Bali I met 3 crazy Australian guys. Ozzie Number 1 – looked like a teddy bear and was pretty cute. He was also the most normal out of them. Ozzie Number 2 – ginger head with a spark in his eye. Ozzie Number 3 – originally from China, a crazy, crazy person.

So, the first night I, 2 other girls and those 3 guys partied, laughed, talked and ate out. The second night Ozzie Number 2 shagged some local Muslim girl, who then sent him a threatening texts, saying that she would cut his dick off. Ozzie Number 3 disappeared.

The following night Ozzie Number 1 and I made out and fooled around in my room. Ozzie Number 2 had sex with a 50 year old woman – on the beach, when it was already bright outside. Ozzie Number 3 shagged the Muslim girl that Ozzie Number 2 had a night before.

And this was my weekend. How was yours?