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I use Couchsurfing for various of reasons. I love meeting new people and  it saves money when you travel as you can stay at someone else’s place for free. 

Nowadays, when I feel a little lonely and fancy a drink, I just put a post on the location’s wall and wait for someone to email me if they want to go out for a drink, too. For some reason, I get replies from men only. I honestly haven’t met a girl from CS yet, except the ones I hosted. 

First, there was the Mexican guy, who I hang out in Thailand. The first night I got him (I admit, it was all my fault) so drunk he couldn’t stand. I then challenged him to arm wrestling and some other games I don’t have recollection of. At one point I lost my flip flops and got him to walk around the beach looking for them. Then at 4 am I decided to eat some junk food. Poor guy fell asleep on the table. When our chips arrived he spread ketchup all around him, but not on his plate. Then he walked me home and tried to kiss me. I forgave him that move, considering his state. And then I watched him board his scooter and ride away to his bungalow, which was around 5 km away. He woke up the next day not knowing how he had gotten home. 

Then there was the Bolivian guy I met last week in Sydney. He also hit on me. We met another English guy and they both tried to kiss me at various times. Then we got kicked out of the pub for god knows what. Apparently we had had too much to drink, which was rubbish. I’d had only 4 and was only warming up! 

The Bolivian and I left the English guy behind (not on purpose though) and made our way home. All the way to the station he was kissing my hand. 

He texted me two days ago, but I haven’t replied.

I’m starting to treat the CS as a dating site. Sometimes some random dudes email me if I want to catch up for a drink. I look at their photos and most of the time I decline. 

Yesterday I received a message from a Dutch guy, who will be in Bangkok at the same time as me and then is going north where I am going to teach English. He offered to travel with me. I checked him out and he seems safe – has some references, a few friends on CS, and let me tell you – he’s CUTE. I’m no kidding, he looks like that actor from Brokeback Mountain (not Keith, the other one. He’s name is too long to remember). So, I’ll meet him for a drink before the New Year’s and see what happens. 

I realise that the Couchsurfing terms and conditions state that it’s not a dating site, but what can I do? I rather go out for a casual drink with someone hot or cute rather with someone I don’t really fancy.

OK, I’m getting ready for a drink with an Australian. Until next one.

BTW – I looove Australian men.