I’ve been here for around 10 days. It’s hard to get used to the fact that I’m so far away from Europe. Australia is civilized and reminds me of England a little bit – it’s like a better version of it.

It turned out to be a break from all the partying and men drama. I’m pretty calm here, relaxed – I might becoming Australian, I think.

Nothing actually happened during my stay here. I’m doing quite a lot of sightseeing at the moment and enjoying the surroundings. During my trip to Lorne, outside of Melbourne, I saw some surfers, who turned out to be just I expected them to be – tanned, handsome and fit. YUM!

I’m trying to relax and stop overthink things. It’s hard when you don’t work and just move from one place to another. I am currently staying with friends of mine. They are both Australians. I used to live with them back in London. Only a few years ago together we drunk, did drugs and took some pretty illegal substances. Now, they have two houses, a 2 year old daughter and are proper grown ups. Ok, they might be older than me, but I still feel like a silly little girl, who got lost somewhere on the way. My second, hippy nature is calling me. I’m dreading the day when I will have to go back to the real world, but I realise that at some point I will need to do it. I feel lost and confused. Will I ever grow up?


I’m sending you all a postcard from Australia