I’m in my happy place now – an island, where anything can happen

 I am  travelling with  2 couples and as it happens, they are so attached to each other that they don’t move anywhere alone. So, I’m stuck with those 4 love birds and they are dragging me along with them everywhere. Most of the time it’s not bothering me that much, but my goal is to meet people and to have fun, and I found that if you’re in a mixed group like that, it’s pretty tough to meet others.

So, yesterday we went to a beach party and drunk buckets. The girls and I got pretty hammered. The boys were sitting at a table, looking grave and watching us. I found it quite irritating. At 1 am the boys said they wanted to go to another bar to watch football and the girls HAD to go with them (no comment on that – how can you forbid your woman from having fun??). I refused to go and stayed by myself. Luckily, I met this really cute 26 year old French guy. He was nicely built, looked really fit, had dark hair, a nice beard and blue eyes – a really sexy combination. 

We had another bucket and then went for a walk. He dragged me into the sea. I wore the only clean clothes I had. My baggy trousers were hanging down to my ankles, my hair was a mess and I was laughing like mad. Couldn’t stop.

We got out of the sea and smoked a cigarette after cigarette. He didn’t speak much English, so the conversation was mostly about me learning French. I can now say ‘my name is…’ and ‘I like you’, and ‘do you want to sleep with me’ in a perfect French accent – I kid you not! 

We laid down and watched the stars. He then drew pictures of pyramids and tried to explain their relation to the stars in his half-French-half-English. He was totally cute!

And yes, I had a good snog, and no – I didn’t sleep with him. Firstly, because I hadn’t shaven my legs (I really need to start doing it before I go out) and secondly, I think I’m too decent for that, and besides I didn’t fancy him as much. 

This doesn’t mean I don’t miss the Kid. I do. I think of him all the time, but decided that I really need to detach myself. The Kid is my past, not the future. 

I hope Thailand will bring me more cute men that will talk about stars with me.