On Friday is my last day at work. I have spent 2 years of my life here, during which I have struggled with moods of my demanding boss, made tons of mistakes, but also saved some people from getting into trouble over their disorganized work ethics, shed some tears and made 0 friends. In fact, this job has been the only one in my career where I feel so detached from the place and its’ people. I start work at 8 and finish at 4 – on the dot. I never go to any drinks and any social events. I very rarely talk to people in the kitchen. I just don’t feel any connection to my place of work.

That’s why I felt really surprised to see how many of my co-workers turned up to my leaving do last Friday. If I had known that almost all of my directorate shows up I would have stayed longer than 7. Unfortunately, I had other plans…How bad is to leave your leaving do as the first person?!

I was also surprised when two of girls, I never talk to very often, invited me for lunch and paid for it! Total shock!

However, I will never forget my manager getting drunk on my leaving do and saying things like: ‘Divorcedandsingle has been the only other woman I’ve had a relationship with, except my wife’. Let me just explain that I have never ever in my life even touched the guy with my small finger. Then he got all teary eyed and said he would miss me. At the end he authorized 2 additional days off for me this week, and said I could come to work anytime I want. So, for the last few days I come at 10:00 and finish before 16:00 – and it’s all paid for as normal! I love it!

The only scary thing about leaving this job is that I don’t have any other lined up, and I won’t have any until early next year. This means almost no income – except the money my X will be paying in every month. This is the first time in the last 10 years when I will be unemployed. Let’s hope that the savings I have will be enough.