The stereotype of Brits says that they are not that…you know…attractive. Usually foreigners picture them as overweight red heads, strolling the grey streets of their towns with fish and chips box in one hand and a pint of lager in the other. 

I am not going to lie to you, these people do exist and there are a bit more of them in the north, where the unemployment is higher than in London, but in general this is a minority. 

When I was married I never paid much attention to men. Only when the X and I broke up I realized that I was surrounded by well groomed, handsome and cute men, who surprise, surprise were all British. I quickly made a decision that I want all my future boyfriends and partners to be British (with American, Australian, or other native English speakers straight after) because:

1. They have cute accents

English language in general is very soft. When I’m with the Kid I want to close my eyes and let him talk. I find the way he says ‘party’, or ‘New York’ irresistible.

And this might sound weird, but I love how Brits say ‘shit’ or even ‘fuck’. To me, as a foreigner, they are just words that mean something bad – only a person whose first language isn’t English will understand it. Sometimes, I make the Kid repeat swear words, because I find it really sexy – I know, I must be a weirdo!

There are so many other accents: Scottish, Welsh, northern.. My favorite one is from Leeds and the surrounding area, but I love the Manchester one equally. 

2. They are polite and smile a lot

Politeness is in their blood, being rude is something they despise. This, of course, might not be all that good as saying white lies is a norm here, but they will smile at you and make you feel that the world is a really good place. 

3. They are gentle – men

I can’t really explain it. They have an aura of gentleness around them. It’s like they are all really calm and at peace with who they are. There is not much anger in them. They will never get mad at you and start shouting at you on the street. They will never get openly annoyed in a shop, because the queue is too long and the shop assistant can’t move faster. 

4. They like wearing nice clothes

This is really common in London. Men in suits…Well, not my favorite type, but after I spoke to my Lovely Friend a couple of times, I started looking at them with a new dose of admiration. They are bloody HOT – I tell you that.

Outside of London the nice attire is less common, but the UK is a pretty rich country and shopping is the national sport, so people still spend money on clothes, even if they can’t really afford it. A nicely dressed, well groomed English man is my number one choice!

5. They drink tea

I’m not a great fan of it, but for some reason I find a man, who likes it, sexy.

Now your turn: what do you think of British men?