1. You’re pretty, I’m handsome, let’s do something about it – a backpacker in Thailand, where men think that they can kiss you after introducing themselves, and have sex with you after they buy you a drink.

2. Your eyes are like lakes – a very drunken man in a London bar.

3. Can I touch your ass? – another drunken man.

4. I like you, you have nice eyes, take your clothes off – an Israeli guy in Thailand, after he found out where I was from, he said it in my native language, which was pretty funny.

5. Smile! Why are you not smiling? – because I don’t fucking feel like it!

6. You are my wonderwall – a guy in a bar, after the song by Oasis stopped playing. It made me want to cringe.

7. Come and get my ass – no comment on that one.

8. ‘You look like my friend’ ‘Really? Is she pretty?’ ‘She was. She’s dead now’

9. You have nice teeth. They look healthy.

10. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU???!!! I bet you haven’t heard THAT before! – an Australian guy, who was pretty proud of his oh so original pick up line.