Yes, it was a bit unexpected. I opened my mailbox and there it was – a letter from the court. I was walking up the stairs and felt a little sorry for myself. This is not how my life should look like. I should be happier…I am 32 and I am divorced – it sounds so old.

On top of that my day had been shit and the Kid said he didn’t have time to meet up during the weekend – and that’s 2 weeks before I leave.

I felt sad…

But then I went to Ann Summers, bought myself some really sexy lingerie, and a lovely dressing gown – you know one of those silky, short thing that you see in the movies. I always wanted one like that. I had a shower, shaved my legs, put a face mask, dressed in my awesome gown and poured myself a glass of red. Why the fuck hadn’t I bought a dressing gown like that before is beyond me..

I started chatting to my sister and she entirely lifted my spirit.  ‘This is perfect – she said – You got it just in time for your trip. Don’t you feel free, liberated? You should! You can now legally pick up boys, and besides to me a 32 divorcee is a sexy thing. You are a cougar, hun! Use it!’

The cougar comment aside, she has a point!