My mum has this theory that men instinctively know if a woman is free, or has a boyfriend. There’s some truth to it. At first, after my divorce, when I started going out, men were really drawn to me. I was chatted up almost everywhere. Since I met the Kid and we became exclusive the interest I got almost disappeared. Maybe because he occupies my thoughts almost all the time. I think of him a lot and can’t wait to see him again. But that doesn’t mean that I avoid men and flirting altogether.

Yesterday at a bar I chatted to a pretty cute guy. He was tall, had a beard and tattoos. My friend joined us for a bit and we had some drunken conversation about men, women and dating. Suddenly he said to me:

-And I know you have a boyfriend…

I started laughing. I wouldn’t call the Kid my boyfriend, but he is someone special in my life at the moment.

To me I don’t act any different from before. I dress up, smile, laugh, flirt, but still somehow this guy knew that I have someone.

Do you think that men can actually recognize if you’re in a relationship with someone without even asking you?