Is it possible to get such a bad case of PMD that you can’t function normally and your judgments are completely wrong?

I usually get depressed and angry before my period. Every month I want to scream at people and I get paranoid that my co-workers don’t like me and my friends don’t want to know me anymore. I am sure that one day I will lose someone dear to me, just because I had a bad PMD.

This month has been the worse ever. I wanted to stay in bed for the rest of my life (I even wanted to die at one point – but shhh..), I even called in sick (see the previous post). A day before yesterday I was like ‘Fuck that! I’m breaking up with the Kid because he hasn’t texted me for 2 days’ and yesterday I woke up and went ‘What the hell? I have 3 weeks left in the country. I may as well enjoy his beautiful body’ and went on fantasizing about tying him to the bed (I seriously don’t know where this came from. When we started dating I was dreaming of putting ice cubes on his back and licking them off and now this…I must have one sexy mind!).

But back to the PMD – I got the period pains last night and it was like magic – no more anger, no more depression. It was all gone in 5 minutes! I love being myself again and I hate it when I go all sad and anxious. I generally love people and love living. Why wasn’t I born a man??

Anyone has the same problem with their PMDs? Share your pain!