I didn’t go to work today. I got up and looked in the mirror….I hadn’t looked so tired in a very long time. So, I texted my boss saying I wasn’t well and went back to bed. There’s nothing like sleeping until 12!

Staying at home turned out to be a good choice. I have done so much, including cleaning, shopping, paying my bills, sorting out my clothes etc. etc. etc. I finally feel like I’m in control of my life. 

I can now drink some well deserved tea and watch something online (by the way, yesterday I watched the new season of the Big C and cried like a baby. Don’t recommend it if you’re depressed).

On a down side – I’m still thinking of what to do with the KId. I feel much better today and thought that hanging out with him would be quite cool and that I’m exaggerating. Another sex session and pancakes in bed would be so cool! However, I don’t want to feel foolish if I text him asking  if we’re still on for a movie on Friday, and he won’t reply. It’s hard to know what he’s doing. Is he trying to disappear without having to confront me, or does he think that texting is just not important as most men think? 

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the weekend….