Reasons? Oh I have so many:

1. My divorced hasn’t been granted yet. I’m really fucking annoyed about it and I want to have it over with.

2. My X owns me £10,000. And here is the tricky part: he lent the money to my father and we agreed (with my father and my X) that my dad would just give the money back to me, instead of the X. Well, I called my dad yesterday and it turns out he doesn’t have the money yet. All would be fine if I wasn’t moving to a different country next month and I wouldn’t desperately need the funds. I know it’s my dad and I shouldn’t be angry, but I so fucking am!!!

3. I’m seriously considering breaking up with the Kid. When I hear myself saying to someone why he annoys me, I know I sound ridiculous, but all I’m thinking about is how his behavior annoys me. I’m supposed to go to the cinema with him this Friday. If I don’t hear from him until then and if he texts me casually on Friday asking if we’re still on for the movie, I will tell him that since I haven’t heard from him, I have made other plans. I’m feeling really bitchy right now! 

4. My job pisses me off.

5. People on the streets piss me off.

6. My fucking lack of organisation pisses me off…

7. Oh, and I went to an eyesight test and it turns out that I have high pressure in my eyes, which can cause glaucoma. They were trying to refer me, but since I am leaving the country in November, it is impossible to make an appointment in such a short notice. The NHS pisses me off, too!!!

8. and my period is late!

I just want to go to bed and wake up next month.