The Kid finally came back from his holiday.

‘Did you miss me?’ I asked casually and smiled in (what I thought to be) a flirty way.  He looked at me with a serious face ‘I did. I really did’ he said ‘I actually thought of you a lot’. ‘What did you think?’ I was a bit surprised. ‘Oh, you know, stuff…’

The Kid doesn’t talk much. He is pretty quiet and he seems to think of what he actually says – so different from me, I usually talk whatever’s on my mind and pretty often it’s just really random things. It makes him laugh and once I made a comment about something and he said that it was the most random thing he had ever heard. I am not that keen on talking with him much anyway. All I want to do is kiss him and feel his gorgeous skin under my fingers (he really has an amazing body), the rest is not that important to me at this stage.

His texts are as charming and cute as the things he says to me and it all make my heart skip a bit. When we’re together it’s more about the things he does, just little gestures that I haven’t experienced in a long time, like holding my hand all the time when we drive, or massaging my feet, or playing with my hair – my X never did that for me and I love when someone strokes my hair.

Other things he says:

‘I love your butt’, ‘I really like your feet’ – this one always cracks me up. Does the Kid have a fetish? ‘I want you’ – who doesn’t like to hear things like that? ‘Your touch is amazing’, ‘You smell so nice’ – and he does smell my skin whenever he has a chance.

I was thinking about how I felt about him and about the whole situation and decided to ask him about a crucial thing that’s been on my mind for a while. I tried to gather all of my courage to do it. Finally, after he dropped me off home the other night, just before I opened the car door I spitted it out. ‘Hey Kid, you aren’t dating anyone else, are you?’ He looked stunned for a second. ‘No. Are you?’ he asked. ‘No. I just think that if we keep seeing each other I wouldn’t like you to date anyone else’ I blushed. I felt so scared that he would change a subject, or say something I wouldn’t like. ‘Sounds good to me. You know, I would have told you if I dated someone else’ he smiled. I mumbled something incoherent and almost run out of that car. I forgot to kiss him good by because of it all.

I’m really trying hard not to fall for him….