My vagina is bruised and battered. Honestly, I haven’t had sex like this in…well, I have never had sex like that! It was something else.

I met the Kid on Wednesday last week. We had some drinks and walked along the river. He put his arm around me again and it felt really good. We talked a little and then he kissed me. We stood in the rain kissing for ages. I put my hands underneath his t-shirt and felt his perfect body, his abs and back (oh that back! I’d dreamed of licking it).

I asked him if he thought that the fact I was leaving excited him. He said no, but he didn’t want to plan ahead and he didn’t know what was going to happen. I then asked him to come to mine on Friday, but wanted him to know that I was doing it because I liked him and I didn’t want him to disappear afterwards. He said I was being silly and I watched too many movies.

We then went back to the pub for another drink and found a quiet corner. He said he wanted me badly and he started massaging my feet under the table, moving his hand up every few minutes. It felt wonderful. The fact that someone could have seen us added to the whole excitement.

On Friday I was so nervous, I couldn’t eat the whole day. It felt like Christmas came early. I waited for this for a bit and now couldn’t wait to have him in my bed.

He first said that he was going to stay for the whole night, which freaked me out a little. A sleepover? Isn’t it too early for that? But it was fine at the end, and not awkward like I thought it would be.

And now let’s recap the sex. Basically, he was throwing me from one end of the bed to another. My legs were bloody everywhere, on his back, shoulders, fucking everywhere! I really regretted that I hadn’t done my yoga for a while. First time in my life, I was breathless and tired that I asked for a break. And he went for ages. Ages!!! Having said that, it wasn’t just a pure hard shag. It was a really great sex. He paid me so much attention that I was beginning to feel a little self-conscious. He hugged me and kissed me through the whole night. We slept cuddled together and he woke up from time to time to kiss my shoulders or my face, or my ears. His body was so warm and his skin so soft….so yummy!

The Kid is different from any man I know. At one point he asked me what my tattoo meant and when I told him he kissed every single letter, which was so lovely I thought I was going to cry.

AND he knows where the G-spot is! Which man knows that hey? Anyone?

And then he left for a week for holiday. We are meeting when he’s back, but I don’t have a definite date. He hasn’t texted me yet, which I’m trying not to freak out and I’m also trying not to freak out about the fact that there are millions of half naked girls running around him and he could be throwing one of them from one end of the bed to another. I’m really making myself not to text him and wait for his move. I know he’s going to get back to me, but I’d really prefer to hear from him from time to time…..