The Conjuring is the worse film ever. Don’t spend money on it. It’s actually so bad that it’s funny.

The Kid was sitting next to me and laughing the whole time. I was trying to focus on whatever was on the screen and stop thinking of his arm touching mine, or the fact how much I wanted to kiss him. I need to be a responsible adult.

He then said that he had been looking at me and thought I had been really ‘into to the film’. Shit, if I’d known that he had been watching me, I wouldn’t have watched the movie at all!

We grabbed a drink on our way back. He asked about my flat and why I had to move out so quickly. I told him about the divorce. He seemed fine about it (by the way, do men freak out if you tell them you’re divorced?). He then kissed me passionately, just the way I like it. 

He put his arm around me when we were walking home and I felt really good about it. I actually wanted him to touch me all the time. 

I’m going for a short holiday home for a bit on Sunday and he said he wanted to see me before I leave, so I’m seeing him in the morning, before my flight.

The whole thing overwhelms me a little. He’s exciting and I feel good with him. I don’t feel strange about the age difference. However, I’m afraid of what can happen later. I’m really scared that it will lead me into trouble. 

I’m also trying to be cautious. He wants to see me all the time and that is weird. My experience with men and the things I’ve been hearing from other women are just about how they were used by men, how they manipulated them to go to bed with them, and how bad it made them feel. I know the Kid and I don’t have a future together. Hell! I don’t even want to have a future with any other man, but I don’t want to feel horrible when I realise that he just did all that because he wanted to sleep with me – and that was the only reason for him to spend time with me. 

I’m seeing Number 6 today. I want to see how I feel. I can’t date two guys at the same time, so I need to choose and make a decision of what to do.