Number 5 was late an hour. I was nervous and annoyed, but I decided to wait. Not only because I knew that Number 5 was  coming from his brother’s wedding to meet me, but also because I knew there was something about him.

His photos were ok. I was kind of afraid that there was something wrong with his teeth as he didn’t smile in any of his pictures. BUT: he was taller than me, had tattoos, hair on his head (you would be surprised how many men are bold after they turn 30) and did quite a lot of traveling. Plus, he had a motorbike, which was sexy as hell.

I forgave him being late. It was his brother’s wedding, what could I do? He turn up in a suit and said quite a few times he didn’t feel especially comfortable. He then took his jacket off, revealing white shirt with short sleeves and a WHOLE tattooed arm. In the photos he had only one arm done, but since the last photo he had the other one done, too. A whole fucking sleeve! He also wore a pair of black braces. I was sold there and then.

The chat was ok. I actually had had 2 beers before meeting him and had another 2 with him, so I was getting to a point where I was slurring. I finished the date on time.

Before we went our two, separate ways he kissed me on the cheek first and then kissed me a second time. I couldn’t stop myself and turn my face, so we ended up snogging. Thank god for that! I think I might be addicted to kissing…I really miss it as hell.

It was a good snog though! Number 5 – you win!

And just got a text from him…I think a second date might be on the horizon!