This has been my 2nd online dating date.

Number 4 looked mature and big in his photos – and what I mean by big is wide, broad shoulders, tall, bulky. These things I like in guys. Remind me later that 175 cm height is not tall. Thanks to him I also understood that worrying about what you wear is actually not that important. If someone likes you, they will like you whatever you wear.

I was late for the date as my front door was playing up and I couldn’t lock it. I apologised to Number 4 and explained the reason. ‘Oh’ he said with a smile ‘your door didn’t want to let you go. Maybe we should have had this date at yours’ I started laughing awkwardly, so he added ‘Oh no, probably not. Not on a first date’. Yeah, you’re right, buddy! Not on a first date!

Number 4 had very buggy trousers on, a baseball cap and a t-shirt, that all looked like he was 18 not 33. He also admitted to watching a lot, what he called, animation movies. A big kid with a life of a grown up.

He was from Pakistan and moved from there to the UK 10 years ago. I couldn’t help, but thinking of women’s rights and other things that could come out when we start dating further. Plus, he doesn’t drink alcohol – would he want me to stop drinking and going out later?

And then there was his height. I love tall men. Tall men make me horny. This one wasn’t tall and his trousers and shoes made him look even shorter.

But, all those things aside. I really had a great time. He was interesting and intelligent; had a great sense of humour and made me laugh. We had a lot in common: films, music, travels. I was sort of attracted to him in a weird maternal – girlfriend – sexual way that I can’t explain. Sometimes he looked like a small boy that just got out of a playground, and sometimes he seemed more mature than any other guy I know. He had beautiful, black eyes and great, muscular upper arms that I wanted to touch. If he only could have taken that bloody baseball cap off….

Of course he’s just sent me a text asking if I could meet him again when he’s back from his holiday next week. Why the hell not? Maybe I could get laid eventually…