‘How do I look?’ Mary and I were about to go out again. I was standing in front of a mirror, looking at myself with a good dose of criticism. ‘Why don’t you dress it up a little? You know…with some high heels?’ Said Mary, trying on her own shoes. I looked at her with my ‘Are you fucking kidding me’ expression. She started laughing ‘Ok, ok I know! Put some nice jewelry on then.’

When I look at the young women on Saturday night trying to survive on their 10 inch heels, I feel sorry for them. Why do you do that to yourself? Is getting attention of men so important you are willing to grow ugly hallux on your feet??

I tried to ‘dress up’ a couple of times in my life. Mostly it was because of a wedding or some other major occasion. Ones or twice I went to work wearing a suit and a pair of black heels. I am embarrassed to say that I lost one of the shoes twice on the way from the tube, which caused some good giggles of the fellow commuters. Never again!

With my new dating regimen came the most dreadful dilemma – what do I wear? I really love my jeans and my sandals. Would it be ok to wear them to a date. I pulled the previous three with a skirt and a nice top (still wearing flats), but I’ve run out of ideas on what to wear. I did a little research and found heels, heels and more heels. And then short short skirts and dresses.

I can only imagine coming in something like this, pulling down my skirt and looking down self-consciously at my legs all the time, dripping with sweat after walking a few meters on the bloody heels. Never!

I opened one website after another and started to get seriously worried. Am I making a really big mistake here? Are jeans a dating faux pas? Do I need to go for a huge shopping excursion and buy more stuff? (that’s another thing – I hate shopping. I’m beginning to doubt if I’m a woman at all).

I took out some of the clothes I have and started putting together some outfits. Because I’m quite slim a nice fitting top with a pair of skinny jeans looks pretty good, but then again is that ok for a first date. What if a guy asks me out again, and I wouldn’t have anything else to wear? The whole thing seems like too much effort to me.